What is Outdoor Fitness?

Outdoor Fitness is the most unique and powerful concept in exercise and fitness today.

Here’s the first, most important thing to know: whatever fitness results you can achieve inside the gym you can – and will – quadruple in the outdoors. This is true whether you live at the base of a mountain, on a crowded city block, or on a suburban cul-de-sac. Outdoor Fitness uses all aspects of your surroundings – from mountain trails to urban city parks, from hillsides to playground benches, from trees to parking meters – to create workouts that are more challenging, and more fun, than anything you’ve done in the gym. What's more, Outdoor Fitness requires no special equipment. That's because the natural world right outside your door is actually the most superior gym imaginable – for your body, your soul, and ultimately, your conscience! (After all, what is exercising outdoors if not literally going green?)
The Outdoor Fitness program is an easy-to-follow, scientifically based, exhilarating way to exercise in the outdoors.  Whether you are looking to begin a new exercise program, you’re bored and frustrated with the one you have, or you are looking to increase your sports performance, you will discover a new sense of vitality, confidence, and sheer pleasure of being alive – as your body gets in the best shape of its life.
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