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Tina Vindum is the founder of OutdoorFitness.com. Tina’s Outdoor Fitness curriculum is rooted in back-to-basics fitness, a philosophy of bodymind integration coupled with passion for the outdoors.

Tina and her programs have been ubiquitous in national media outlets including SELF, Fitness, Martha Stewart's Whole Living, Prevention, Shape, San Francisco Chronicle, Real Simple, Los Angeles Times, New York Times, and countless others. The Guardian, London, has dubbed Tina the “Original Al Fresco Guru”.

Tina is the author of Outdoor Fitness – Step Out of the Gym and into the Best Shape of Your Life (Falcon).

Where do you live?
San Francisco
Where do you exercise?

Everywhere! City, country, mountains, beach and everywhere in between. I love creating workouts with simple props found in nature like trees, boulders, logs, sand, and hills. In the City I use parking meters, stops signs, curbs, steps and stairs.

I find the morning hours are the best time to workout out because it's when the air is the freshest, the environment is still, and it sets me up - body, mind & spirit - for a perfect day.

Your Top Tips

1. Every day is a new opportunity to get it right! One foot in front of the other. Repeat.

2. Schedule exercise like you'd schedule anything that's important in your life. Write it down, and you are more inclined to follow through.

3. Focus on the "health" of it, rather than "weight loss" or the "body beautiful" - when we come from the aspect of feeling good - we will become addicted to that outcome, and it will be sustainable.


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