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Thank you for helping me change my attitude toward exercise once and for all!
 - Shawn M., Mother of 2
Dear Tina,
You have done a great job with Allison B, who came back for evaluation on her knee. She has a stable ACL and full range of motion. She has improved her power as well.
Congratulations on your excellent work.
Kevin R. Stone, M.D.
"Tina, your Outdoor Fitness training has helped me keep my job in perspective. Every session is an achievement, a blessing, a gift."
- Fabrice V., Husband, Father, Attorney
"I feel so alive in this workout. The smells and the birds. You look up at the redwood trees on the trail, and it's magnificent. When I'm out there breathing the fresh air, all my stress is removed. It's a tremendous cleansing process." 
- Darlene, age 70
Just a short not to let you know how much I enjoyed “the workout.” Our sessions taught me that “man can not survive by running in straight lines long.” My promise to you is that I will be diligent, and work on what you taught me.” 
Thank you
I thank you often…I am able to workout on my own, outside, and loving the rain…etc.
I know I would not have discovered that part of myself had it not been for you! You’ve truly made a lifelong impact on me and I thank you for it.
With Gratitude,
Susan G., Mill Valley
I cannot thank you enough! You’ve introduced me to my inner-athlete…the one thing I though I could never be. I am so grateful for your coaching and wisdom. I cannot image life without OUTDOOR FITNESS!!!
Thank you! Thank you!
-Deana A., San Francisco
Miss Tina,
Thank you for telling me like it is! Never sugar-coating it. Always truthful, yet thoughtful with me.
I am so grateful for all of the running that you did with me on those cold dark nights in the dead of winter. I never would have attempted a marathon if it weren’t for you. You are the best!
Love, Kerry D (The Marathoner!!)
Hey T—
Wow! The 8 week Body Composition Makeover really changed my life. I could write a book about it…here are some thoughts on how my life has changed FOR THE BETTER:
What others see:
• Less of me!—I’ve lost 10 lbs and reduced my body mass by 2 dress sizes
• More energy, greater sense of well-being, noticeably more confident
• A common quote—“Wow, what’s going on with you? You look so athletic and healthy” (this is a first!)
• Upbeat attitude, a “together” person, maybe even a little sexy!
What I see:
• A more feminine, less self-conscious woman: I am comfortable in my skin for the first time in my life.
• I don’t see a perfect body, but I am proud of my 40-year old self, and I often feel sexy! (Who knew?)
• I used to feel like an imposter in hip-hugging, fitted, sleeveless or low-cut clothes; now I feel like I belong in them; That’s a HUGE victory for me!
 How I feel:
• Personally powerful and balanced
• Strong, smart, beautiful; my inner-critic, once so present and oppressive, has been quieted
• Grateful and aware of the beauty of the earth, the nature we have in our “back yard” and the inspiration of others in the program
• I’ve learned that ‘someday’ is just life deferred—I now have the love, energy, and focus to pursue my dreams…NOW, not later.
Thank you for helping me to literally change my life for the best!
- Shelly J.
“Rather than being full of motivation, I was full of excuses. I was frustrated because the gym I’d belonged to for the past three years was just another bill that needed to be paid. I was overweight, under-motivated (often sleeping ‘til noon) and incredibly scattered, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Even my driving was unfit! Little did I know that a phone call to Outdoor Action Fitness would literally change my life, create a new me, and be tantamount in fulfilling my dreams of becoming an Actress. 
“It was through Outdoor Action Fitness, that I learned to take responsibility for my health and fitness,” she said. “It’s been three months since I started the program and I’ve made a complete transformation physically, personally, and in my daily habits. I now look forward to rising early and getting positively charged through trees, water, sun, rain—real life that fuels my life!”
 - Marissa, Actress, Age 26
Many Thanks for your continuous motivation and enthusiasm in your OF program. You have helped me find a much needed element in my life, dominated by those roles of mom and wife!! I really feel great about myself and body—and I haven’t felt this way in a very long time. 
Your fitness program is truly a gift! Thank you! 
- Lori B.

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