Outdoor Fitness

Outdoor Fitness is the most unique and powerful concept in exercise and fitness today. Americans spend greater than 93% of their time indoors—despite the mounting research showing the profound effect that fresh air, plants, trees and natural outdoor elements have on our health and well being. Tina Vindum created this innovative approach to exercise to make fitness fun, inspiring and completely “doable.” Tina’s joy comes from helping people get fit while enjoying the many benefits of spending quality time outdoors.


“People want and need to be outside,” she says. “When we don’t, we begin to feel unwell and out-of-sorts.” She adds, “It’s one of the many reasons why we often bring nature indoors...we like to surround ourselves with flowers, plants, fish tanks, flowing water and aromatherapy products.” “My goal is to provide quality outdoor fitness options to my clients and students, for better health, fitness and well being.” Tina adds, “My programs honor the interconnection of our body, mind, emotions and the environment—to bring balance into our lives. The concept of Outdoor Fitness was pioneered by Tina Vindum in the early 1990's. An expert mountain biker, alpine skier and inline skater, Tina had become frustrated with her inability to train dynamically in an indoor gym's static environment. She began exploring an alternative "gym" amongst the pine trees and divers terrain of the Sierra Nevada Mountains she called home. Tina created a revolutionary workout approach while running slalom through the pine trees, and discovering new ways to develop strength and balance using her natural surroundings. She discovered that it didn't take a lot of equipment to achieve the kinesthetic awareness, agility, power, and strength that are the hallmarks of every great athlete. But her greater revelation was the improved mental focus, emotional strength and sense of well-being that came with fitness training in the outdoors.


In 1995, Tina codified her fitness expertise and passion for the outdoors into Outdoor Action Fitness, LLC. The initial program focus was strenght, endurance, agility, balance, flexibility and kinesthetic awareness training. Over the years, the program has evolved to included mental focus and emotional power as cornerstones to total fitness. This more holistic approach reflects Tina's dedication to continual program improvement and distinction, as well as the input from her clients over the years. In 2002, Outdoor Action Fitness initiated the first Outdoor Action Fitness Training and Certification program for fitness professionals.

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