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The ONLY Accredited Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate Program!

The Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate Program (ACE 1.0 CEC's) is for Personal Trainers, Group Exercise Instructors and Conditioning Coaches who want to be part of an elite team of Outdoor Fitness professionals who bring the Gold Standard in outdoor fitness training to the public via new or already established outdoor venues, fitness facilities, health clubs and destination spas.

Our program provides you with the tools to build the highest quality Outdoor Fitness practice, with usable information and specific methodologies - all scientifically based - that you can put into action immediately.  What's more, you'll find our professional program will keep you on the leading-edge in Outdoor Fitness for years to come.
Join Tina Vindum and the Outdoor Fitness Team for the Gold Standard in Outdoor Fitness education - created specifically for your success as well as the success of your clients.

Graduate Testimonials

What a great class!  You really are an inspiration!  I learned a lot and had a good time.

Meghan Simmons
Fitness Assessment Institute Manager, Nike


“Excellent workshop, Tina! Thorough packaging of your program AND business model. You are passionate and now I feel the same way. I can’t WAIT to get moving on my new career in Outdoor Fitness!”

Ken Ramer
The workshop was excellent, Tina! I will be able to use the tools and techniques that I learned immediately!
Jim Cheng
The thing I love most about you and your program is that it’s putting something out there in this world that is so incredibly positive.  By teaching and encouraging people –one step, one breath, one hour at a time—to discover a healthier, more conscious, happier way to live, you create a positive force that spreads from one person to the next and ultimately touches more lives than we can ever know.

Simply put—Outdoor Fitness: I live it! I love it!

Barbara Gavin
I just wanted to thank you again for the great instructor workshop . It's really changed my perspective on the outdoors, and I'm happy to say I had the great fortune of spending the week after the workshop up in the mountains, playing and working on my new-found skills (not to mention soaking up lots of negative ions)!

Thanks again for a great weekend...I really enjoyed it!

 Jill Pixley

Thank you for a fabulous workshop this past weekend. You really inspired me and I learned a ton. After my class this morning, I got a lot of comments on things that people liked and I felt so much more confident in what I was doing. There are so many things that I used from the workshop.

Thanks again and I hope to keep in touch and attend more of your workshops!

Hillary Wolf

Thank you again for putting on such a fabulous class in outdoor fitness training.  Your day-one nuts and bolts session was the ultimate in professionalism and a great learning experience; that's coming from a fulltime fitness student!  While the day-two's "hands on" training provided me with the ingredients necessary to create my own outdoor fitness program, I got home, absorb the weekend, and realized I had a business model - how amazing is that?!

I want to thank you for presenting your Outdoor Fitness workshop.  It is evident in the way you present that
you have a real passion for what you're doing and I have to say that I agree with your ideas.  As I was working with my clients at the gym this morning I kept thinking about how much it would benefit them to get some fresh air!!! 

Shannon Corey

Thank you so much for teaching Outdoor Fitness workshops! I am so impressed with your teaching style and the amazing information I walked away with this past weekend! I feel so excited and energized! I cannot wait to implement this! Thank you again! I am looking forward to Level II!

Rhea Fuller

This has been the best workshop I’ve ever attended. And, I’ve attended a lot!! It was everything I wished it would be and more. I can’t wait to start working outside. This certification has given me the confidence I needed to start my own outdoor fitness program.

Jen  Carmen

“One of the best workshops I’ve taken. Fun, informative, ease of flow. Time passed so quickly and I found myself fully engaged. This truly is the Gold Standard for Outdoor Fitness. I feel honored to have been a part of this workshop. Thanks again.”

Nancy M.

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