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Rock the Bloat

Have a little too much fun on vacation or on a weekend getaway?  Don't freak out.  Do something about it!

The Outdoor Fitness Graduate Certificate Program - What the Pro's Are Saying

We are so EXCITED!  Here are the latest comments about the program.  CLICK TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE PROGRAM
"I am very impressed! The content is excellent and really well put together."
~Gwen Hyatt
President, DSWFitness CE Correspondence Courses
This course was very informative. I love the videos and manual! Very inspirational!

Free Download - The Full Body Mind Workout

Download the free Full BodyMind Workout!

Do your mind and body good with this traveling outdoor workout. Tina takes you through this fun 48 minute workout that combines muscular strength and endurance moves with bouts of cardio laced in. What's more, you don't need to carry one piece of equipment!
Workout Snapshot (48 minutes)

Quickie Outdoor Workout - The Lower Body Express (Free Download)

Head for the hills to sculpt and tone your lower body in less than 10 minutes!
Download Tina's 10 minute Lower Body quickie workout - 5 moves to strengthen, tone and shape up your glutes, inner and outer thighs, hamstrings, quads and calves. 

For our Veterans -- Outdoor Fitness Pledging to Military Families

We support Joining Forces, a national initiative that gives back to our service members and their families. In collaboration with the American Council on Exercise and fitness service providers across the nation, one hour at a time, Outdoor Fitness is committed to pledging free fitness hours to actively deployed Reservists, National Guard members and their immediate families.

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