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De-Stress with these 3 "E-cises"

If you’re feeling stressed these days it’s understandable. Tax time, preparing for spring break, work galore, and very little play can all add up to tight muscles and even tighter waistlines.  
The body’s physical response to stress is to go into fight or flight mode. Your heart rate increases, your breathing gets quicker and more shallow, your muscles tense up, and you begin to think about a Mai Tai on a tropical beach in Fiji. The first step is to allow yourself 10 minutes to decompress. These 3 e-cises will take 10 minutes and will have you walking away feeling refreshed and renewed. Mai Tai’s are optional.  

Stay Limber and Strong on the Slopes with Our Pre-ski Routine

Winter is in full swing and so is ski and snowboard season. For those of you who are hitting the slopes over the next few months, it’s time to take your body as seriously as your skiing. It’s also time to make sure your body is balanced and ready to go before bombing down the hill and weaving through the bumps.

Don't Ski Lopsided!
Many people feel they turn better to one side. This is because turning to the left requires you to transfer your weight to the inside of your right ski.

Improve Your Endurance with 5 Simple Exercises

Imagine what would happen to your running or biking if you were able to get more oxygen with every breath.  You’d go farther, be faster, and last longer, with less effort.  That’s why there have been more than a few pro and recreational athletes who’ve tried to do it less than legally.

Instead of blood doping or using suspicious pills, there are two ways to improve your lung capacity naturally.  The first is by improving the position of your mid and upper back, and the second, is by restoring the full function of your diaphragm.

Not Your Average "Core"

"Core" is one of the most overused words in the fitness industry. Find out what it really means to have a strong, balanced core.
What do you think of when you hear the word “core?” Immediately most of us think of the general “center” of the body between the pelvis and the lower ribs. When we work out to strengthen our core we focus mostly on the abs, the glutes and the low back muscles believing that the harder we work on them the more protected from injury we’ll be. So why are so many people in pain despite putting in so much work to strengthen their core?

Posture Perfect

When was the last time your mother told you to stand up straight? I heard it constantly, not from my mother, but from my Grandfather who threatened to tie my shoulders back to keep them from slouching. At 12 years old I couldn’t imagine why it mattered. 22 years later, I think I finally understand.
Slouching shoulders can produce all kinds of pain, but the most common symptoms are torn rotator cuffs, neck pain, migraines, a variety of hand and wrist ailments, and the one symptom 75% of all Americans can relate to- back pain.

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