What is Outdoor Fitness and Why is it Better?

Imagine this, it’s early morning and you are stepping lightly over grass and fallen leaves, your feet sinking into the softness underfoot. Thoughts of the coming day enter your mind—you let them pass. Feeling through your feet, the ground seems to be talking to you. Completely focused, you feel the muscles down the entire length of your legs flex and release as you move. The tightness in your hips and aches in your knees have melted away. Your skin begins to break a light sweat as your pace increases. Your body feels alive with adrenalin, endorphins, and energy.
It’s the start of a new day, a new day to move your body, awaken your mind, and renew and revitalize your spirit. You’ve never felt clearer, stronger, and more comfortable in your own skin.
This is Outdoor Fitness, the most advanced and unique method available today to achieve true BodyMind power, and the highest degree of overall fitness, health and well being. In a few weeks, you can transform your body and your whole approach to exercise. You’ll gain muscle strength and cardiovascular power. You’ll increase your flexibility and endurance. You’ll sharpen your mental skills and your emotional health. You’ll do it all outdoors, immersed in the beauty, peace and tranquility of nature. While you’re getting fit like you’ve never been before, you’re also renewing a powerful personal connection to the natural world, one that will feed not just your body but also your soul.
Here’s the first, most important thing to know: whatever fitness results you can achieve inside the gym you can--and will—quadruple in the outdoors. This is true whether you live at the base of a mountain, on a crowded city block, or on a suburban cul-de-sac. In Outdoor Fitness you will use all aspects of your surroundings -- from mountain trails to urban city parks, from hillsides to playground benches, from trees to parking meters –to create workouts that are more challenging, and more fun, than anything you’ve done in the gym. The natural world right outside our doors is actually the most superior gym imaginable – for our bodies, our souls, and ultimately, our consciences! (After all, what is exercising outdoors if not literally going green?)
You’ve made the decision to seek a new fitness regimen, for any number of reasons. Maybe you want to lose weight. Maybe you’re looking to improve your cardiovascular health. Maybe you’d like to reduce the stress in your life, or help to alleviate the symptoms of illness, such as diabetes, depression or Seasonal Affective Disorder. Maybe you’re an athlete already, looking to improve your sports performance. Maybe you’d like to reduce your carbon footprint—treadmills, after all, use shocking amounts of energy. Maybe you’re simply looking for some much-needed motivation. No matter what brings you to Outdoor Fitness, everyone has one fundamental desire in common: we all want to feel inspired again!
The Outdoor Fitness program is based on the core belief that nature is a powerful – if not the most powerful – contributor to personal health and fitness. When you work out in the fresh air, you not only enhance your physical-mental-emotional condition, you also deepen the connection you have with yourself, others, and the environment. You’ll discover that exercising in the outdoors brings you to new levels of health. It also brings constant inspiration.
Just like you can become addicted to the high a drug can give, your body – and mind – can get hooked on how full of energy, happiness, and even joy you experience doing Outdoor Fitness.

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