Walking - Perfect Your Technique

Outdoor Fitness Walking - It’s all in your technique
Here are five simple tips to keep you striding right:
1.  Walk with a heel-toe roll: The heel meets the ground first, then roll through the entire foot. Imagine your feet like the rolling tires of a car.
2.  Maintain a light foot, with high toes skimming over the surface of the terrain. Feel that there is air between the feet and the ground, as if floating just above it.
3.  To build speed and confidence, focus at least 10 to 15 feet ahead to allow your brain to read and record the terrain.
4.  Use your arm swing to set the tempo - the faster your arm swings, the faster your legs move.
5.  Envision a silver thread from the top of the head shooting straight to the sky - lifting your body and keeping your spine aligned.

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