Two Easy Ways to Prevent Overtraining Injuries

Summertime is an easy time to get outdoors and exercise. For some, it's the thought of getting into that Speedo or heading to the Class Reunion that inspires all the training, for others, it can be addicting to run or play loads of tennis in the warm weather. Problem is, all that training can lead to injuries. However, there is a simple solution to preventing an over-use injury - Cross Training and Active Rest.
Cross Training
Cross training means adding different activities into your routine and it’s key in preventing overuse injuries (such as tendonitis) and keeping your training effective. By rotating activities, you'll distribute the stress of exercise to different joints and muscle groups, rather than continually loading and stressing one area.

Cross training will also help you avoid hitting a plateau in your training, which often leads to "cruise control" where you'll be mentally and physically flat.
To keep training challenging, chose a sport that you typically wouldn't do during the week. Or, do something completely new. Possibilities may include inline skating, hiking, mountain biking, tennis, rock climbing, kayaking, golf, yoga, or anything that's enjoyable and stimulates the brain and muscles. Having fun is important when you cross train!
Take the Day Off – “Active Rest”

“Active Rest” are days when you allow your body to take the day off from formal exercise. Active Rest means you can still get outside to move, breath fresh air, and perhaps get a few chores done like raking the yard, walking the dog, running errands, or washing the car.  If you're like me, it's hard not to move or exercise for a day, so rather than doing nothing, I still get out for a little fresh air.

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