Turn Your Next Trail Run into a Full Body Workout

Turn your runs (and walks) into a full-body blasting adventure! Follow these simple steps to increase your fitness without increasing time spent on the trail.
I just came down off the mountain. Clothes drenched. Fully fatigued. Happy! What did I do? I hit the Coastal Trail on Mt Tamalpais for a trail run. Well, not your average trail run, I call it the 60:10 (sometimes I call it the 30:10). The 60:10 includes sixty minutes of cardio, and 10 strength/toning exercises; however, not the kind of exercises you'd expect!

My Workout
My run started out like any other trail run - A warm up that includes a lubing-up of my joints with rotations, a walk to feel though my feet and get my circulation going, followed by a light jog, and into a run (RPE 7-7.5). Using the terrain as my guide, I lace in my exercises. For example, after getting fully warm, muscles pliable, I'll do hill lunges, about 50 reps to the top of the incline, then get back into my run. The next hill includes a series of lateral presses, and then back into my run. All told, I knocked out 10 exercises that I could lace into my cardio trail run.
Here is an outline my workout today:

(** Run at an RPE 7-7.5 between exercises for 5-8 minutes, or until you spot good terrain for an exercise.)

*(Beginners start with 10 per)
The Body Benefits
Besides being a complete blast (in more ways than one), these exercises force your muscles and joints to work in a non-linear fashion - sideways and diagonally - and recruit both types of muscle fiber (slow-twitch and fast twitch). Why is this so great? Well, for one it keeps your body and brain guessing (so you'll be more athletic), and it enables you to enhance feel and finesse over the varied terrain (dirt, gravel, leaves, pine needles, roots, rocks, etc); all key ingredients if you want to maintain your athleticism year round.
Happy Trails!
Would love to hear from you! Let me know how you are turning your summer workouts into an adventure.
More Ideas
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