Single Site Workout

This is workout is great for its versatility. You can take this session to the local park, a city plaza, a picnic area, the beach--or even your backyard. In scouting your terrain, you’ll need a flat or semi-flat spot with a berm, step, curb or low wall nearby for Step Ups and Split Lunges. Be aware: Near the end of the session, you’ll need to lay back on the terrain. If your location doesn’t give you that option, that’s okay: just save the last two exercises for your floor at home. Before you get started, be sure to clear the area of any debris that you can slip on or trip over, such as branches, twigs, needles, gravel, or rocks.

Workout Snapshot:
Total Time: 30 Minutes
Props: 3-8 inch step, curb, low wall, or berm (a berm is a mound of dirt or sand that extends like a bar along the ground, either formed naturally from the flow of water or as boundary that adds shape to a field or outdoor space).
Location: Just about anywhere
Purpose: Muscular strength and toning for your lower body and core. Multi-directional movement. Joint strength. Mental focus, proprioceptive awareness, and balance.
Stage 1: Warm up – 5-10 minutes
Do your “One Spot Warm Up.”
1.    Joint Lubrication
Tip:  When ever you put a joint through its natural range of motion a natural lubrication called synovial fluid enters that joint. 
2.    Reverse Breath
3.    Posture Check
4.    High Knees
5.    Step Ups
Stage 2: Multi-Directional Strength Exercises
It’s time to start working with Base Moves! These moves are the rock-solid foundation of Outdoor Fitness. They will become your go-to exercises in the workouts to come, as well as the workouts your create yourself.

Detailed instructions on how to perform Base Moves can be found on page 79 of the Outdoor Fitness book, where you’ll find coaching tips to get you started and keep you motivated, as well as modifications that will help you customize this workout to your current fitness level and your goals.

6.    The Wide-legged Squat -- 2 sets, 8-15 repetitions

Preparation: To perform your squats, scout your terrain for the most level section of ground. If there is even a slight slant, find the fall line and stand with your back against the uphill slope, your feet evenly weighted. Hands are in palm-to-palm position for this exercise. Walk it out for 20-30 seconds between sets and before moving on to lunges.
Easier: Only lower your hips a couple of inches.
Harder: Lower your hips so your knee forms a 90° angle.

2.    Reverse Lunge --  2 Sets 8-15 reps
Preparation: Scan your area—especially behind you—and remove any twigs, sticks, pinecones, slick leaves, and gravel. Hands are in prayer position. Walk it out between sets and before moving on to leg presses.
Starting Position: Start in the athletic stance.
Easier: Step back with only a slight bend in the forward knee.
Harder: Step back so that your knee creates a 90° bend. Do not alternate legs. Work one leg for a full set, then switch.

3.    Lateral Press -- 2 sets 8-15 reps

Preparation: This exercise is all about the combination of power and finesse. Press firmly through your feet. At the same time use your feet to feel all the textures of the terrain underneath you, so that you don’t slip.
Easier: Don’t lower your tailbone more than a couple of inches
Harder: Lower your hips until you have a 45-degree bend at the knees and stay in this lower position for the entire exercise.

4.     Split Squat 2 sets, 8-15 reps
•    Perform this exercise on a flat surface.
•    Hold onto a prop if you feel unstable.
•    Bend forward knee to create a 90° angle.
•    Place your hands behind your head, elbows out to the side.

5.     Calf Raise  2 sets, 8-15 reps
Easier: Start with flat terrain until you feel balanced, or find something to hold for support.
Harder: Do half your set with eyes open, and half with eyes closed.

Note: The next two exercises develop core strength. You’ll need a flat surface where you can lie down. Remember, you can do these at home if your site doesn’t allow you to stretch out on the ground.
6.     “TVA”—Ab Flattener   2 sets, 10-25 reps
Tip: Use your torso to do the work. Do not pull your head to create momentum.
Take a 20-30 second breather before performing your second set. When you are ready, flip over to perform the next exercise, which strengthens your backside and the muscles that line your spine.

7.     Aqua 2 sets, 8-15 reps
Stretch out your low back by lifting your hips up and back, and resting them on your heels. Reach your fingertips forward alternating between your right arm and left arm, feeling the stretch in your shoulders and upper back.
Stage 3: Cool Down – 5 minutes
The cool-down phase of your workout is as important as the warm up. By taking the time to cool down properly, you allow your body to unwind from its exertion, prevent stiffness and pain, and give yourself time to clear your mind before resuming with your busy day.
Oxygen Energizer
•    Slowly stand up. Check your posture. Take a series 3-6 of deep energizing breaths.
•    Reach for the sky and stretch out your torso by reaching above your head with your right hand, then alternating with your left. Manipulate the stretch so that you feel down the length of your torso.
Move onto your cool-down stretches.
•    Hip Flexors
•    Hamstrings
•    Quadriceps
•    Adductors
•    Calves


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