A SIMPLE Recipe to Blast Fat Fast!

Running or walking, intervals are a time efficient way to get lean!
Interval training is alternating periods of hard work with low-intensity recoveries. This type of training can help push you off a plateau—boosting aerobic fitness and burning a load of calories.
The Plan
Run with it. To blast your body into shedding fat, do this interval workout once or twice a week. Not a runner? See recommendations below.

The Workout
Cardio – Intervals
Find a hill, a set of steps or bleachers for this simple, yet effective calorie burning workout. If you don’t have hills, you can use the local track or pedestrian path.
Warm up (5-10 min.)

1. Cardio/RPE 6-7  (30-60 sec.)
•    Walking Recovery (30-60 sec.)
2. Cardio/RPE 7-8  30-60 sec.
•    Walking Recovery (30-60 sec.)
3. Cardio/RPE 8  (30-60 sec.)
•    Recover 30-60 sec.
4. Cardio/RPE 8-9  (30-60 sec.)
•    Recover (30-60 sec.)
5. Cardio/RPE 8-9  (30-60 sec.)
•    Recover (30-60 sec.)
6. Cardio/RPE 8-9  (30-60 sec.)
•    Recover 30-60 sec.
7. Cardio/RPE 7-8  30-60 sec.
•    Recover (30-60 sec.)
8. Cardio/RPE 6-7  (30-60 sec.)
•    Recover (30-60 sec.)

Cool down  (5-10 min.)
•    Flexibility
Quick Tip - Use mailboxes or trees to mark your intervals. Whether you’re running or walking, maintain a normal pace to the first landmark. When you reach it, run or walk quickly to the next landmark. Continue alternating for 30 minutes.
Walk This Way
Fast Walking  is no wimpy workout, especially when your walk quickly, hit the hilss, or hike on trails. This low-impact workout tones your quads, glutes and core, boosts aerobic fitness, and zaps fat.
Walk moderately for three minutes, then run or jog for a minute. Continue this routine for the next 20 to 40 minutes. For more of a challenge, walk for two minutes and run or jog for a minute.
Want to work even harder? Alternate one minute of walking with one minute of jogging. Cool down by walking for at least five minutes at a slow pace.

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