Q: What is your number one piece of fitness equipment?

A:  Your shoes!

Here are a few tips on finding the right fit:

•  Shop after a workout or at the end of the day, when your feet have swelled from activity.
•  If using orthotics, take them along when making a purchase.
•  Take a test run—a quick jog around the block—to make sure the shoe fits.
•  Buy a shoe with a specific activity in mind. For example, a running shoe will require more cushioning to support three times your body weight with every foot strike. Whereas a walking shoe will require a more flexibility and a rounded heel for the heel-toe-roll.
•  Take worn shoes along. There are clues left on the tread in relation to any special conditions you may have. Also, many shops have a recycling program.
•  Depending on use, replace your shoes every 3-5 months

Getting your shoes to go the extra mile:

• Buy 2 pairs and rotate them. The polyurethane (PU) materials flatten out with use and can breakdown if worn daily. If the shoes are rotated, it allows the PU material to expand between workouts for longer life.

• Follow the 25% rule. When participating in one activity more than 25% of the week, add a shoe for it.

• Never wash your shoes in hot water. Use only cold water and the gentle cycle.

• Air dry shoes—heat from the dryer or the sun can melt the glue adhesive

• RECYCLE your old shoes: Many dealers participate in shoe recycling programs. If there is not an established shoe recycling program at your sporting goods store, Click Here for a list of shoe recycling programs worldwide.

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