Multi Site Workout

With multi-site workouts, you’re always changing things up! This workout combines cardio, muscular strength and toning in one quick, efficient session. This workout also laces in mental focus and environmental integration techniques as you move between stations. You’ll be busy with this one, challenged physically and mentally. You’ll cover more ground and add additional Base Moves (page 79 in the Outdoor Fitness book) to your repertoire.

This workout can easily be adapted to a number of locations: you can take this session to an open-air mall, the local athletic field, a stretch of beach, or a mountain trail.  If you feel more comfortable doing so, go ahead and set up your strength stations in advance—otherwise just “freestyle it” along the way. Just make sure the props are stable enough to handle your weight. You’ll be stopping at each station for a couple of exercises and moving between stations at a moderate pace. For this workout, you’ll use a timer.
Multi Site Workout Snapshot
Time: 30-45 minutes
Location: Local park, athletic field
Props: Tree limb, low rung or bar. Bench. Log, low wall or step.
Purpose: Muscular strength and toning for your upper body. Cardiovascular conditioning. Proprioceptive awareness.

Stage 1: Warm up – Duration: 5-10 min

  1.  Joint Rotations
  2. Reverse Breath
  3. High Knees -- 1  minute
  4. Cardio Warm-up --  5-8 minutes 

Tip - Environmental Integration and Sensory Awareness
Use your warm up as an opportunity to connect with your surroundings and activate your senses. What do you see? What do you hear? What do you smell? What are you aware of kinesthetically? Can you feel the pull of gravity? What textures can you feel around you, underneath you? What can you feel the contours of the earth through your feet?
Stage 2—Exercises
Perform 2 sets of each exercise, resting 20-30 seconds between each set.

1. Push Up  2 sets  30-60 seconds
Props: Bench, low wall, log, boulder, picnic table
Easier: Use the incline of a wall or large tree trunk
Harder: Try these push ups inverted with your feet on the bench or low wall.
Tip: Push Ups are a good core conditioner. The key is to activate and engage your midsection during both phases by slightly pulling in your abdominal wall.

2. Cardio Walk or Jog    -- 2-3 minutes     RPE 7

Take off and begin building your RPE up to an aerobic level of 7. Maintain your focus at least 10-15 feet in front of you, “reading the terrain” as it comes into view. Notice all the twists, turns, bumps, and cracks on the surface ahead of you, and make contact with them by feeling with your feet. Focused and mindful of your environment, you can “take the brakes off,” because you are prepared for what you will encounter.

As you approach time, bring your RPE down to a level 5, and keep an eye out for a gate, bar or low branch for pull ups.

3. “Reverse” Pull up  2 sets 30-60 seconds or as many as you can do
Props:  Gate, bar, tree branch
Easier: Bend your knees and allow your legs to assist you.
Harder: Use a higher bar or limb so your feet come off the ground as you lift and lower.

4. Cardio Walk or Jog – 2-3 minutes     RPE 7 
Take your RPE to a 7-7.5 as you move toward your next station. Check in with your breathing: make sure your breathing is deep and complete, with an “easy in” and an “easy out.” When you’re about 30 seconds from time take your RPE down to a Level 5. Look for a spot to do your triceps dips.
Tip - Use this block of cardio to work on your environmental integration. Choose one or two types of sensory input (visual, aural, tactile, olfactory, etc.) and focus on these senses during your walk or jog.

5. Triceps Dip  2 sets / 30-60 sec
Prop:  Bench, log, stump or block
Easier:  Don’t lower your hips very much and keep your knees bent at about a 90° angle.
Harder:  Place one heel on the ground and keep the other leg stick straight, hip-height in front of you. Switch legs.

6. Cardio Walk or Jog – 2-3 minutes     RPE 7 
Gradually take your RPE up to a level 7-7.5 and hold it there. Maintain your focus at least 10-15 feet ahead of you as you take in every color, texture and sound. Imagine  yourself becoming one with the environment as you feel the pull of gravity and the brush of the air against your skin. When you approach time, take your pace down and eventually walk it out for 30 seconds. You want your RPE at a 4 or less for your single-leg dips. Find a flat spot in the terrain to set up for your next exercise.

7. Single-leg Dip
This is a proprioception/balance exercise, best done when you’re breathing comfortably and feeling calm. If you feel fatigued, or if your heart rate feels high, walk for a bit until you feel relaxed and centered.
•    Bend your knee just an inch or two and make contact with both feet after each dip.
•    For added stability hold on lightly to a prop, such as a tree or bench.
•    Perform the exercise in slow motion: Three counts down—Pause—and three counts up.
•    Start this exercise with your eyes open, then try it with your eyes closed.
Tip:  Slower is better! Take your time going through your reps. Science has proven that you’ll get more of out of every bend and lift if you work slowly and mindfully through your exercises, because when you focus on the muscles you’re working, you’ll literally recruit more muscle fiber into the exercise.

8. Cardio Walk or Jog – 2-3 minutes     RPE 7 

On your return trip back build up to your aerobic level to an RPE 7, working with oxygen. Breathe deeply and fully. Connect to the Core of Your Core: You are calm, flowing along the trail, feeling at one with your surroundings, in harmony with your terrain. Enjoy this well-earned feeling!

Stage 3    Cool down    -- 5-10 minutes
When you near your destination, slowly take your RPE down to a 3-4 by slowly jogging or walking for a couple of minutes, keep an eye out for a quiet place to stretch and maintain this feeling of connectedness, peace and well being.
•    Hips
•    Hamstrings
•    Quadriceps
•    Chest
•    Back
•    Arms
•    Shoulders       

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