How to Find a Qualified Nutritionist

Are you looking for a food and nutrition coach?  Are you confused by the job titles in the field of nutrition?  You’re not alone.  Here are a couple of tips to help you find a qualified professional in the field.

These days a “nutritionist” or “nutrition consultant” are vague terms that are unregulated in most states; and often adopted by those with little or no education in the field. To avoid confusion, seek out professionals who are credentialed such as:

Registered Dietetic Technician or RDT’s are food and nutrition practitioners who are an integral part of health care and food service management teams.  Both RD's and RDT’s have an associate’s degree or higher, and must complete continuing professional education requirements to maintain their credentials.

For more information about finding a qualified dietician,  log  onto the American Dietetic Association’s website.

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