Gyms - I Still Don't Get It!

I recently treated myself to a weekend getaway—a spa experience.  It really wasn't all that far from my home, I just felt the need to recalibrate.  I wanted the following:
• Hiking
• Massage
• Clean foods
• Sunshine
• Sleep!
During my stay at this glamorous resort, I'd frequently pass by the gym entrance, as it was between my room and the lobby.  It looked nice, with its flowing fountain and climbing bouganvilla.  So nice in fact, that one day I thought I’d try it out, which is strange because it's been years since I’d actually set foot in a gym.
Feeling fabulous after my morning hike, I entered the gym for some classic weight lifting.  After about 4 minutes, I was jolted by the loud music suddenly being piped-in to the room--thumping, thumping, thumping.  Instead of being upset, I think, "don’t be judgemental—don’t crash your buzz."  Then, I notice the folks on the step machines are glued to the TV screens.  They’re watching news, cooking shows and celebrity gossip—“food looks good!—Don’t look!."  Next, the clanking of the machines fill my head—“don’t listen—just noise."  Then, a guy in the corner begins grunting, loudly—“don’t laugh!"  And at that moment, I see a guy sneeze, all over his eliptical—“Bless you—oh gross! I’m outta here!"
That however, was not the end of my strength training session, I simply took it outside (into the fresh air and natural light), where I found a bench and some grass.  There I was, just me and the bench, where I got a fun, full body workout in:  Push ups, dips, squats, step ups, crunches, hip extensions, calf raises, and even pull ups.  I was worked AND rejuvenated!  And the best part is my body doesn’t know the difference between that bench and a $2500 machine, or a $1000 membership to the fanciest gym in town.
More Bench Workout ideas:

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