Get Fit with Weekend Workouts

Blast calories and shape up with fun, fast-paced trail routines.
It's Friday about 5:00 pm. What's your action plan this weekend? It's good to make a plan, even on your day of rest, because you're more likely to go big and follow through. For example, last weekend my husband and I made plans to visit the  Phleger Estate in Woodside, CA. The plan was to hike 8 miles around the property. 
While 8 miles is a considerable distance for most people, it's fun to lace simple exercises in along the route. For example, see a log - knock out some push ups, a tree branch - execute a few pull ups, a park bench - a few triceps dips, and when you come to a hill - you can lace in a set of lunges. It all adds up to a big day of being in nature, getting a killer workout, enjoying the day and catching up with the people you care about. 
Wilderness Workouts
For more ideas on how you can blast more calories on the trail, check out these fun, fast-paced trail routines that I designed with Nikki Kimball, three-time winner of the prestigious Western States 100-mile endurance race, for this month's, May 2012 issue  Women's Health magazine.
More Trail Workout ideas 

Get the info @ the Phleger Estate & the 8 mile hike

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