Fend off Holiday Weight Gain with a Mix of Cardio

This season fend off Holiday weight gain with some basic cardio. It's actually pretty easy if you follow a few simple tips.
The most important thing to remember is to mix it up! Keep your mind entertained and your body guessing by adding variety to your cardiovascular routine. (Learn more about cardio - Listen to the Podcast)

Here are my top 5 methods for mixing it up:

1. LSD—Long Slow Distance 30-60 minutes
This type of training (run or walk) has been around a while. As the name implies, this is a relaxed cardio workout that takes on a meditative quality as the workout progresses.

My Twist: LSD workouts are perfect for practicing moving meditation, mental focus, emotional power and environmental integration work; LSD burns fat and calories, reduces stress and fatigue.
2. Interval Training
"Short and sweet" is how I like to describe interval training. Intervals are especially beneficial because they are short, intense bouts of running or walking followed by complete recovery in between sets. With this type of training the hills become easier, quickly—and an interval workout also stokes your metabolism for hours afterwards.

My Twist: Next time you’re out, bump it up—sprint phone-pole to phone-pole, then jog for two sets of phone-poles, and repeat for 10-20 minutes.
3. Stairs, Steps and Hill Workouts
This type of workout is my personal favorite. I can find stairs, steps, bleachers and hills in any city or county.

My Tip: I enjoy knowing that even if I only put in ten minutes, I’m stronger than when I arrived. It's that good!
4. Track Workouts
Every city, town or neighborhood has a track.

My Twist: Here’s a quick, easy, and very fun workout: Warm up simply by taking a spin around the track twice. Take a few minutes to stretch anything that feels tight—hips, calves, hamstrings, etc. Then take off. Jog the turns. Sprint the straights. Do as many laps as you feel like. It's that easy.
5. Grass or Sand Workouts
There’s something about these workouts that takes everyone back to high school. Start out with simple drills like running forward and then backward, or from side to side. Try out your "Fred and Ginger Rogers" routine: Take off laterally, right foot over left, left foot to the left, right foot under left, and repeat.

My Tip: Try walking or jogging barefoot on the grass or sand. It's great for stretching out your feet and developing underfoot sensitivity. Just keep an eye out for any debris.

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