FAQs - Outdoor Fitness Group and Personal Training

Q:  Why this Outdoor Fitness program?
A:  Outdoor Action Fitness. LLC is the original outdoor fitness program created by fitness expert Tina Vindum, aka "The Trainer's Trainer." Tina wrote the book on Outdoor Fitness training—literally! She has honed and perfected her techniques over the past 15 years to produce maximum results for our clients.
Q:  Why take my workout outdoors?
A:  It's the best way to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit. Extensive research continues to show the many benefits of outdoor fitness, which include dramatic increases in fitness level, the ability to burn more calories, a measurable reduction in stress, increased immunity and increased feelings of well-being.  Working out outdoors will leave you feeling alert, refreshed and uplifted.
Q:  Why is Outdoor Fitness more effective than the gym?
A: Outdoors you are in an ever-changing environment. As Tina says, "Life is NOT a linear event!" The body is meant to move functionally, the way it was designed to move: moving up, down, forward, backward, diagonally, and laterally - working with different terrain, obstacles and climates. This improves your body-mind connection and sharpens your balance, agility, strength and coordination. Not only do you feel  an immediate sense of accomplishment, you'll burn more fat and calories, too!
Q:  What does a typical class include?
A:  Each class is different, however, you can expect a warm-up, muscular strength and toning exercises, cardiovascular activities, balance exercises, flexibility, abdominal and core stability, and more!
Q:  How quickly will I see results?
A:  If you follow the program, you will love the results. The key is consistency. Consistency breeds success!  Adhere to your workout schedule and our nutritional tips and you will get results quickly.
Q:  How often do you offer group sessions?
A:  New sessions are offered every four weeks or the first week of each month.
Q:  How many participants in a group?
A:  A maximum of 12 participants. We keep the class size small for safety, effectiveness and personalized attention. 
Q:  Do you prorate my fees if I join late?
A:  We prorate classes when you join a session that is already in progress.
Q:  Who can join?
A:  You can! Outdoor Fitness is fantastic for everyone—novice to professional athlete, teens to seniors. You don't need to be fit to start. You will get more fit as you go. Our only requirement is that you come with the desire to improve your health and fitness.
Q:  Are your trainers certified?
A:  Yes. Each member of our outstanding team is Outdoor Action Fitness Certified. In addition, our team is certified in CPR and by one or more of the following: the American Council on Exercise (ACE), American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) and the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA). Collectively, our team has advanced training or degrees in kinesiology, sports medicine, motivation and nutrition.
Q:  What if it's raining?
A:  Your training will be fun and effective in all weather conditions. Our motto: “There's no such thing as inappropriate weather—only inappropriate clothing!”
Q:  What special equipment do I need?
A:  All you need are appropriate shoes and clothing for the conditions. Training equipment will be provided.
Q:  How do I get started?
A:  Click onto our registration page or contact us with your request. Today is the best day to start!


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