The Deep Green High - True Fitness is Radical Amazement

Bestselling author Richard Louv, writes about Tina Vindum's transition in moving from the gym to the outdoors, in his new book The Nature Principle.

Here's an exerpt from The Nature Principle - The Deep Green High (page 71)

I remember distinctly the moment that my approach to fitness was transformed," writes Tina Vindum, a former Alpine skier, competitive mountain biker, and author of Outdoor Fitness, a book that recommends stepping out of the gym and into the outdoors. She had spent years of her life in gyms. "Over time, I had been growing increasingly frustrated with training in the static indoor environment," she wrote. "My muscles had grown so used to the repetitive exercises of standard gym equipment, I had reached a plateau that was taking away from my performance. One day I found myself staring out the window in the middle of yet another boring workout, gazing at the majestic Sierra Nevadas, feeling stifled and frustrated....Leaves covered the ground, and the wind was crisp and cold. Like a kid stuck in a classroom, I pined for the freedom that lay outside my window. That day, I rebelled." She headed outside and was soon running slalom on the more challenging, uneven terrain of the forest, doing strengthening exercises against tree trunks and boulders.

About Richard Louv
Richard Louv is a journalist and author of eight books about the connections between family, nature and community. He is the author of the New York Times Bestseller, Last Child in the Woods. His newest book is The Nature Principle: Human Restoration and the End of Nature-Deficit Disorder, which offers a new vision of the future, in which our lives are as immersed in nature as they are in technology. This future, available to all of us right now, offers better psychological, physical and spiritual health for people of every age.








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