Outdoor Trainer

Besides using the outdoor terrain and props like benches, logs, hills, steps and stairs, as aid in training, you can incorporate exercise equipment. With a little planning it’s easy to include simple, portable and affordable training tools into any outdoor workout. It’s worth investing in equipment that’s durable and will stand up to the outdoor elements.

Imagine this, it’s early morning and you are stepping lightly over grass and fallen leaves, your feet sinking into the softness underfoot. Thoughts of the coming day enter your mind—you let them pass. Feeling through your feet, the ground seems to be talking to you. Completely focused, you feel the muscles down the entire length of your legs flex and release as you move. The tightness in your hips and aches in your knees have melted away. Your skin begins to break a light sweat as your pace increases. Your body feels alive with adrenalin, endorphins, and energy.

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