Outdoor Trainer

Go Slow to Go Fast!
When it comes to warm ups I always say, “Go slow, to go fast!”  That means take time before each exercise session with a "pre" warm up. You'll find you will perform better - smoother, faster, stronger.

Lube your Joints!  Every joint in your body is "lined by a thin layer of cells called synovium, which secretes what’s called, “synovial fluid." This fluid nourishes the cartilage, lubricates the joint, and keeps the joint stable. When you move your joints through their range of motion, synovial fluid is pumped into the joint. Think, “Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.”  (See Video Below)

Besides using the outdoor terrain and props like benches, logs, hills, steps and stairs, as aid in training, you can incorporate exercise equipment. With a little planning it’s easy to include simple, portable and affordable training tools into any outdoor workout. It’s worth investing in equipment that’s durable and will stand up to the outdoor elements.

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