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Get a lot done, in a little time with this full body exercise.
Time is our most valuable commodity. Why just work the upper part of your body, when, with the same amount of time and effort, you can include your lower body as well? Whatever your fitness level, it’s my mission to make sure you get the most out of your time on the trail. This exercise targets your whole body, quickly and effectively.

Use steps & stairs for cardio conditioning and fat burning
Outdoor steps and stairs are excellent props for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, leg strengthening and toning, as well as proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness training. You can create a variety of workouts using steps and stairs - the opportunities are endless! You might also consider incorporating hand weights to intensify leg and gluteal work.

Lunges are an excellent exercise for toning the glutes and legs. To get even more out of them move your lunges to a hillside or up a set of steps. You'll get a lot done in a little time—strength and cardiovascular conditioning, as well as balance and coordination.
A More Effective Lunge
The reason why step lunges are so effective is that you are using the large muscle groups of your legs, glutes and core against the forces of gravity, which not only sculpts your muscles, it increases your heartrate for a terrific cardio effect — which will burn calories and incinerate fat!

Great athletes know that mental focus is as much a part of training and skill as physical prowess. Outdoor Fitness makes mental focus and acuity training a cornerstone of its program.

Use a “One Spot Warm up” for those time when you aren’t able to walk or jog for a warm up. For the cardio phase of the warm up use a step, curb or berm for steps and lateral lifts. After 5-8 minutes, move walk it out, then move onto flexibility, high knees and your workout.  

If you can sneak out for 10 minutes to a local park—or your backyard—this total body workout will reward you with a great muscle strengthening session.
Quickie 2: Total Body Tree Workout     10 minutes
Perform each exercise for 60-90 seconds per side.

Works: Core, glutes, hamstrings, balance, proprioception
Props: Tree, post, wall, boulder
Starting Position: This exercise has you facing a tree, fence or post that’s about 3-4 feet away. Keeping your hips squared with your shoulders, bend over until your back is parallel to the ground, extend your arms to hold onto the tree and lift your right leg off the ground.

The Tree Sit exercise is an updated version of that classic ski-conditioning exercise, the “wall sit.” It’s usually done within the confines of large gymnasiums with wood floors and beige walls, but here I’ve added a much more interesting prop—the tree. In addition to the tree’s tactile nature, I also like the metaphor of gaining strength and power from the tree. Plus, while the classic wall sit only strengthens the quads, my version strengthens and tones the quads (in a big way), it also works the deep muscles of the core and abdominals, and shoulders.

The “Palm-to-Palm” Pull-up is a much easier version of the classic pull-up.
Works: Latissimus Dorsi,the large “pulling” muscles of your back -- trapezius, rhomboids, deltoids, biceps
Props: Tree limb or monkey bar

The reverse lunge helps you gain strength, especially in your quadriceps. It will also rapidly improve your balance and spatial awareness in the ever-changing outdoor environment.
Works: Hamstrings, Glutes, Quadriceps, Balance
Props: Flat Ground
Starting Position: Start in the athletic stance with your hands on your hips, chest open, eyes forward.

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