FLAT ABS IN 2 Minutes!

Got your attention?
Hmm...Seems everywhere we look, magazines, websites, television, and even radio, the attention grabber is “flat abs,” followed by “…in a nano-second or less!”
Even fitness pros have gotten into the act, with ads like, “4 Weeks to Flat Abs.”  Please!
We all know the only way to get flat abs is through intense nutritional monitoring and exercise. It’s not that easy to attain a lean "flat" midsection.  It takes focus and intense work.
If you really want flat abs - listen up:

Traveling Workout - A Template to Follow

Just finished my morning workout and it was a blast in every way.  I hit a ridge trail overlooking both the Pacific and the San Francisco Bay -- simply gorgeous!  I did a 5 mile run that was laced with exercises like lunges, hill lunges, half-tuck hill squats, push ups, etc.  I was basically "freestyling it" and doing what ever felt right at the moment. 
If you are up for creating your own Traveling Workout, you can use this template below to get started. 
Happy Trails! 

The Limits of the Gym

Why turn your back on the Gym?

Your Body is Too Smart
It’s a scientific fact: our bodies are smart.  They look for the easy route, the path that requires the least amount of work.  This means our bodies adapt quickly to exercise patterns.  So in a gym workout, whether you’re using equipment, free weights, or a circuit training machine, your body will quickly learn what it has to do, and will switch on autopilot, exerting the least amount of effort possible to complete the task.  This is why you reach a plateau so quickly and why the results you get in a gym setting eventually taper off.  It’s nearly impossible to reach your full potential exercising this way.

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