The Five Best Ways to Boost Your Cardio

Want to incinerate fat and calories? Mix it up!
Keep your mind entertained and your body guessing by adding variety to your cardiovascular routine. Here are our top 5 cardio workouts.

The Best Exercise Equipment for Using Outdoors

Besides using the outdoor terrain and props like benches, logs, hills, steps and stairs, as aid in training, you can incorporate exercise equipment. With a little planning it’s easy to include simple, portable and affordable training tools into any outdoor workout. It’s worth investing in equipment that’s durable and will stand up to the outdoor elements.

How Much Time Should I Spend Working Out?

How should I spend training?   What should my weekly routine look?
How much time you spend really comes down to how long you've been on a regular program and what your goals are. For example if it's been six months since you've worked out, you'll need to take it slowly. Start with a walking program of 3-5 days per week for 10-20 minutes, building up to 30 minutes, 5 times per week. After that, bump it up to 200 minutes per week.

FLAT ABS IN 2 Minutes!

Got your attention?
Hmm...Seems everywhere we look, magazines, websites, television, and even radio, the attention grabber is “flat abs,” followed by “…in a nano-second or less!”
Even fitness pros have gotten into the act, with ads like, “4 Weeks to Flat Abs.”  Please!
We all know the only way to get flat abs is through intense nutritional monitoring and exercise. It’s not that easy to attain a lean "flat" midsection.  It takes focus and intense work.
If you really want flat abs - listen up:

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