The Traveling Workout

Freestyle it!
This workout can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes, since it’s not guided by the clock but rather by your choice of destination. You choose the length of your route. You can also choose its character! You might want to plot a solitary route on a day when you’re feeling stressed, to make it easy to be alone with your thoughts, the rhythm of your breath, and the sounds of nature. On the other hand, if you’re feeling sociable, you might plot a route through the heart of town. Traveling workouts really let you take a journey—and you get to customize not only the physical terrain but also the mental landscape of your experience.

The Outdoor Fitness Warm Up

Warm ups do more than just warm up your muscles!
 Every workout begins with a 5-10 minute warm up.  A warm-up is your time to limber up your body--and your mind--in preparation for the workout to come. A warm up can be a simple as a walk or a jog. Outdoor Fitness warm-ups combine breathing and posture exercises with joint lubrication exercises, followed by a walk, building to a slow jog.
Steps to Warming Up  (Video Below)

Multi Site Workout

With multi-site workouts, you’re always changing things up! This workout combines cardio, muscular strength and toning in one quick, efficient session. This workout also laces in mental focus and environmental integration techniques as you move between stations. You’ll be busy with this one, challenged physically and mentally.

Where to Workout - Choosing Outdoor Locations

Scouting Locations

Choosing locations for your workouts can be a lot of fun. Whether you live in town or out in the country, once you start looking at your environment as a place of opportunity for exercise, so many possibilities come to life! Different environments all have locations and types of props that lend themselves to great workouts. Different environmental landscapes also have their own particular challenges. If you live in the city, you’ll naturally have a different set of factors—and potential hazards—to consider when working out than if you live in the mountains. Depending on where you live, and where you plan to take your outdoor workouts, consider these factors. 

Single Site Workout

This is workout is great for its versatility. You can take this session to the local park, a city plaza, a picnic area, the beach--or even your backyard. In scouting your terrain, you’ll need a flat or semi-flat spot with a berm, step, curb or low wall nearby for Step Ups and Split Lunges. Be aware: Near the end of the session, you’ll need to lay back on the terrain. If your location doesn’t give you that option, that’s okay: just save the last two exercises for your floor at home. Before you get started, be sure to clear the area of any debris that you can slip on or trip over, such as branches, twigs, needles, gravel, or rocks.

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