Quick Workout 2 - The Total Body Tree Workout

If you can sneak out for 10 minutes to a local park—or your backyard—this total body workout will reward you with a great muscle strengthening session.
Quickie 2: Total Body Tree Workout     10 minutes
Perform each exercise for 60-90 seconds per side.

Quick Workout 1 - Full Body Express

Short on time? Our "Quickie Workouts" pack a lot of activity into very little time—providing strength, flexibility and cardiovascular benefits in just a few minutes. These are the workouts you turn to when you think, “I’m way too busy today to exercise.” You can slip any of these workouts into a spare 10 minutes. Trust us, putting in that 10 minutes really does make a difference. It’s a whole lot better for your mind and body than doing nothing at all.

How to Train Like an Athlete with SAQ

Why SAQ?
Remember how quick and agile you were as a child? You ran flat out on the playground, darting and dodging the other kids in games of tag. You were having fun, but you were also building valuable sport and fitness skills.

The "One Spot Warm up"

Use a “One Spot Warm up” for those time when you aren’t able to walk or jog for a warm up. For the cardio phase of the warm up use a step, curb or berm for steps and lateral lifts. After 5-8 minutes, move walk it out, then move onto flexibility, high knees and your workout.  

The Traveling Workout

Freestyle it!
This workout can last anywhere from 30-45 minutes, since it’s not guided by the clock but rather by your choice of destination. You choose the length of your route. You can also choose its character! You might want to plot a solitary route on a day when you’re feeling stressed, to make it easy to be alone with your thoughts, the rhythm of your breath, and the sounds of nature. On the other hand, if you’re feeling sociable, you might plot a route through the heart of town. Traveling workouts really let you take a journey—and you get to customize not only the physical terrain but also the mental landscape of your experience.

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