What to Eat

What to Eat

Body Composition Tip 9 - Eat These Power Foods

Food is meant to energize, heal, and build the body, and most of all, food should be enjoyed! The best diet is one based on fresh, mostly seasonal and organic food. Learn to crave color—red tomatoes, yellow peppers, deep green lettuces, and whatever can be found at the farmer’s market or in the local produce aisle. There is also an excitement about eating food so fresh—it has life inside!

Body Composition Tip 8 - Know What Your Body Needs For Nutrition

There’s no substitute for knowledge when it comes to learning how to eat well for a lifetime. Learn the basics of food and nutrition, and you take a big step forward in taking control of your health and re-shaping your body composition.  Give ownership, power to choices you make by being informed. Look at your array of food choices—often dizzying—with a rock-solid understanding of what you’re choosing to put in your body, how the choices you make all day long can add up to a balanced, energy and health boosting diet.

Body Composition Tip 6 - Eliminate Junk and Eat Intuitively

A remarkable thing happens when you eliminate the junk from your diet: The cravings for fatty, sugar-laden, and salty snacks will disappear. You will simply lose your taste for these foods—and when you do eat them, your new body will rebel in no uncertain terms, leaving you feeling unwell. Free of the cravings for processed foods, your body will start to crave natural, healthful whole foods. Soon the gap between the foods you want and the foods you should eat will disappear. Your intuitive sense of what your body needs will help keep you on the right track, eating simply, often, and for long-term good health.

Body Composition Tip 3 - Eat Whole, Clean Foods

While this may seem obvious, for many folks impulse eating gets the better of their nutritional intentions. For many it’s a lifestyle of ‘grab-and-go” and “sink eating”—standing over the sink, unconsciously eating whatever is at hand—fast food, see food (see and eat) and beige foods (cheese and crackers, chips and cookies), all of which sap your energy and leave you feeling unsatisfied or guilty.

The Five Greatest Sports Nutrition Myths

Listen in on a conversation with Matt Fitzgerald, the health and fitness author, journalist, and sports nutritionist, as he discusses the "5 Biggest Sports Nutrition Myths" - that even the most informed athletes find confusing.

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