Stroller Workout: Exercise with Your Baby

Baby in a Stroller:  Small steps lead to BIG changes
Unfortunately, studies show that fitness and motherhood do not go hand-in-hand—finding time to exercise is the challenge most new parents face. Studies also show that exercising with a baby stroller is an effective way to get exercise and lose the baby fat.
Burn More Calories!
Pushing a stroller burns more 18-20 percent more calories than walking alone. On average, you’ll burn about 100 calories for every mile, and you’ll help reduce carbon dioxide in the environment.

Proprioception - The Ultimate in Injury Prevention

Think about your hands. They’re remarkable, aren’t they? Think about all that you do with your hands in a single hour of a single day. Your hands react instinctively, with great precision, to hundreds of tasks and actions in the span of a single hour.  Your proprioceptive awareness is best demonstrated in your hands.
Proprioceptive awareness is a close cousin to kinesthetic awareness. Here’s how they are related:

Gearing up for Outdoor Fitness

So what do you need for an Outdoor Fitness workout?  Very little! The number one piece of equipment is a good fitting pair of shoes. One of the greatest perks of Outdoor Fitness is that it doesn’t require extensive equipment. All that is truly necessary is a good fitting, functional pair of shoes.  Having the right footwear for the terrain is vital. Wearing the wrong shoes for the activity is like driving a Formula One racecar on a bumpy mountain fire road.  There are two main types of shoes that are best-suited to Outdoor Fitness workouts.

Walking - Perfect Your Technique

Outdoor Fitness Walking - It’s all in your technique
Here are five simple tips to keep you striding right:
1.  Walk with a heel-toe roll: The heel meets the ground first, then roll through the entire foot. Imagine your feet like the rolling tires of a car.
2.  Maintain a light foot, with high toes skimming over the surface of the terrain. Feel that there is air between the feet and the ground, as if floating just above it.

What happens to your body after you’ve eaten the fatty meal?

Considering that burger and fries?  Consider this...
Here’s the bad news: 
Just one fatty meal can have a negative effect on your health—by reducing your arteries’ ability to respond to the increased blood flow that occurs after such a meal.
Now, if you’ve just wolfed down a burger and fries, don’t go feeling guilty - you may be able to counteract its effects by getting a little exercise.
Studies have shown that blood flow is negatively impaired 2-5 hours after a fatty meal, however, here’s the good news: 

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