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Flexibility Basics - Lube Your Joints!

Go Slow to Go Fast!
When it comes to warm ups I always say, “Go slow, to go fast!”  That means take time before each exercise session with a "pre" warm up. You'll find you will perform better - smoother, faster, stronger.

Lube your Joints!  Every joint in your body is "lined by a thin layer of cells called synovium, which secretes what’s called, “synovial fluid." This fluid nourishes the cartilage, lubricates the joint, and keeps the joint stable. When you move your joints through their range of motion, synovial fluid is pumped into the joint. Think, “Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.”  (See Video Below)

Improve Your Balance with One Simple Move

Rock’n-Balance     (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
With people suffering over 300,000 broken hips every year in the U.S. alone, balance is one of the most overlooked components of fitness.
I came up with this exercise one fall day when I was training for ski season. I was bounding up a dry riverbed when I spotted a very pointy rock. I challenged myself to stand on the point for as long as I could. Later I added “foot scribing” exercises, such as spelling my name in huge loopy letters, and trying to balance with my eyes closed. 

Walking - Perfect Your Technique

Outdoor Fitness Walking - It’s all in your technique
Here are five simple tips to keep you striding right:
1.  Walk with a heel-toe roll: The heel meets the ground first, then roll through the entire foot. Imagine your feet like the rolling tires of a car.
2.  Maintain a light foot, with high toes skimming over the surface of the terrain. Feel that there is air between the feet and the ground, as if floating just above it.

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