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The Sumo Squat

Think Japanese Sumo Wrestler! 
The sumo-squat is a wider variation of the wide-legged squat—ideal for when you’re moving laterally over the terrain. I really like these squats, because they’re extremely effective for sculpting the inner and outer thighs as well as the hips and glutes. My clients love them because they’re fun to do.

Hill Lunges - A More Effective Lunge

Lunges are an excellent exercise for toning the glutes and legs. To get even more out of them move your lunges to a hillside or up a set of steps. You'll get a lot done in a little time—strength and cardiovascular conditioning, as well as balance and coordination.
A More Effective Lunge
The reason why step lunges are so effective is that you are using the large muscle groups of your legs, glutes and core against the forces of gravity, which not only sculpts your muscles, it increases your heartrate for a terrific cardio effect — which will burn calories and incinerate fat!

The Hover - 3 Ways

Looking for a fun way to trim and tone your torso? Look no further than the "Hover" or plank. In a study conducted by the American Council on Exercise (ACE), the "hover" ranked number four for tightening and strengthening the obliques.

Stop Mindless Eating For Good

Are you a Mindless Eater? Do you eat more than your think you do? Do you know your Dietary Danger Zone?

Signature Moves - The Tree Sit

The Tree Sit exercise is an updated version of that classic ski-conditioning exercise, the “wall sit.” It’s usually done within the confines of large gymnasiums with wood floors and beige walls, but here I’ve added a much more interesting prop—the tree. In addition to the tree’s tactile nature, I also like the metaphor of gaining strength and power from the tree. Plus, while the classic wall sit only strengthens the quads, my version strengthens and tones the quads (in a big way), it also works the deep muscles of the core and abdominals, and shoulders.

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