Upper Body

Upper Body

Create Maximum Strength in Minimum Time with Compound Exercises

Compound Exercises are a fast and efficient way to get a lot done in a little time.
What are Compound Exercises?
Compound exercises are multi-joint exercises that work several muscle groups at a time, and move your body in natural ways - pushing, pulling, and lifting.
For example:
You can create two exercises out of one repetition - try a Row with a Triceps Kickback. See the video below.

Signature Exercise - The Full Body Lunge

Build on a Classic with these fun and effective lunges.

This classic leg strengthener works best outdoors because of the changing degrees of incline in the terrain, as well as the subtleties on the surface. Grass, gravel, dirt, sand, leaves, twigs and the like, cause you to “finesse through your feet,” developing underfoot sensitivity and enhancing balance and proprioceptive awareness.


Base Move - Triceps Dip

This exercise does an excellent job shaping your shoulders and your arms.
Works: Deltoids, Triceps
Props: Bench, log, stump, high step, concrete block

Base Move - Reverse Pull up

A pull up is tough, but reversing it so the lowering part is the resistance phase makes it easier and will strengthen your muscles just as effectively.
Works: Upper back, Lats, Deltoids, Biceps
Props:  Low gate, monkey bar, or tree limb

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