Is Barefoot Running Good for You?

Shoes or Shoeless - For injury prevention what's the bottom line?


Have you read the Bestseller Born to Run? It’s a true story about the Tarahumara Indians who run great distances (50 – 200 miles at a time) barefoot throughout the Copper Canyons of Mexico. The story is compelling and it has inspired many a runner to take up barefoot running as a practice. But is this a smart idea?

Lifestyle - Make Your Vacation a True Adventure!

Are you looking for a way to get more fitness AND adventure in you life?  Turn your vacation into an athletic event!
I love travel! I would rather spend my time and money on a great adventure than on "stuff." Things do not create great experiences, people and places do! Maybe you are the type of person who loves to blend travel with fitness experiences -- If you’ve ever dreamt of completing a marathon and going on an African Safari - you can do both!

From Triathlons in South Africa, to rafting the Futulafu in Chile, to swimming to Alcatraz and back in San Francisco, fitness enthusiasts are traveling to the most scenic places on earth to compete and vacation at the same time. “Race vacations” are becoming more and more popular with couples and families.

Stay Fit on Vacation with "Sight Jogging"

Staying fit on the road is a big challenge for most of us.  Let’s face it, that treadmill, step machine and weight bench is tucked away in the hotel basement for a's BORING!
On your next trip, why not sweat and sightsee at the same time?
Trade in the treadmill for a running tour, where you can go on a run with your own personal trainer and tour guide. Imagine an early morning workout in Rome—On a route coving over 2000 years of history. Down the Spanish Steps, through the heart city, across the Tiber River, and straight to the magnificent St.Peter’s Basilica.

Trail Etiquette - Watch Out for Flying Biohazards!

Snot Rocket, Cannon Ball Blow, Air Hankie, Golfer’s Blow
It’s all about nose clearing on the fly.  Experts call it Exercise-induced rhinorrhea (EIR). And according to the Annals of Allergy & Asthma Immunology, it’s common in athletes; particularly outdoor exercise enthusiasts. What's more, the condition appears to occur regardless of underlying allergies.  I call it Flying Biohazards!  As coach, trainer and the best friend to one offender I’ve been sprayed and spit on…and I’ve taken it upon myself to be the “habit breaker” for many. 

Gearing up for Outdoor Fitness

So what do you need for an Outdoor Fitness workout?  Very little! The number one piece of equipment is a good fitting pair of shoes. One of the greatest perks of Outdoor Fitness is that it doesn’t require extensive equipment. All that is truly necessary is a good fitting, functional pair of shoes.  Having the right footwear for the terrain is vital. Wearing the wrong shoes for the activity is like driving a Formula One racecar on a bumpy mountain fire road.  There are two main types of shoes that are best-suited to Outdoor Fitness workouts.

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