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You asked. We've answered your most frequently asked questions.

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1. Should I work out when I am sick?
If your symptoms are from your neck up, and you're feeling up to the task, ask yourself: Do I feel like working out? If the answer is yes, you're good to go.

If you're symptoms are located below your neck-difficulty breathing, chest tightness, wheezing, sneezing or coughing-don't exercise. Take the time to rest and recuperate.

Cardio - What "Type" is Best for You? - Podcast

Cardiovascular Conditioning - Aerobic vs. Anaerobic - What's Best?

Improving cardiovascular fitness is a central objective of Outdoor Fitness. You’ll keep busy with everything from fast-paced walks in the park to loops along a rural path, from hill sprints to drills on an athletic field. Progress in cardiovascular conditioning is easy to spot.

How to Develop Mental Focus Control

Develop a "focus practice" to improve your performance on and off the trail.
My Story: Rabbit Trails
I first learned about the power of my thoughts while jogging on my favorite wooded trail in Mill Valley. One moment, I’d be moving along at a steady clip, running smoothly and getting the job done. Then, the next moment, I found myself moving at a snail’s pace, unsteady, head down and in deep thought. Sometimes my thoughts were about the past and some painful mishap. I’d find myself replaying the tape of this past event, as if I could somehow change the plot. Most often, though, the thoughts were about the future, and “what if” questions about things that will never happen. I call these fear-based, emotionally charged, anxiety producing thoughts “Rabbit Trails.” 

Instability in Recommendations for Ankle Instability

To prevent ankle sprains, what's the right course of action - brace or no brace?
In my last blog I discussed “toning shoes”, which are designed to create an unstable walking surface for the wearer with the thought that this results in more muscle recruitment.  Today I will discuss instability of a different sort, that of lateral ankle instability (never a desirable thing!) 

National Trail Running Day - August 21st

Happy Trails – Why trail is better for you and your body
If you're a road runner it's time to take it to the trails in honor National Trail Running Day. Why? Because I think you'll get hooked on what you'll find - it's not really about the physical act of running, rather the entire experience for both body and mind.

Think of trail running as road running enhanced.  When you get off the pavement and onto the trails your joints not only get a break, your mind does, too. How? By simply connecting to your surroundings through your senses.

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