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Can Too Much Cardio Make You Fat?

Exercise is good for us, but too much can be harmful.  Did you know that too much cardio can actually increase stress and the levels cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body?  It's true. 
Learn the single, most important thing you can do to avoid the wrong types of exercise and keep your cortisol levels under control.

The Five Greatest Sports Nutrition Myths

Listen in on a conversation with Matt Fitzgerald, the health and fitness author, journalist, and sports nutritionist, as he discusses the "5 Biggest Sports Nutrition Myths" - that even the most informed athletes find confusing.

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3 Steps to Vibrant Energy

Attaining ENERGY is what health and fitness is really all about. 
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Think about it. Energy is the key of life. Without it, plants cannot grow, our cells cannot function, our bodies cannot move and our brains cannot think. Lack of energy, or low energy is the first step towards illness and disease. To move toward our goals of good health, fitness and well-being,we must be sure that what we do helps us to build energy.

Choosing Your Outdoor Workout

Aside from the the type of environment you're using, another factor in choosing your location is the type of workout you’re planning. Each of Outdoor Fitness’ three types of workouts—single site, multi site, and traveling—have characteristics that lend themselves to particular locations.

The True Path to Functional Fitness

A conversation with a legend and pioneer in the fitness industry—Vern Gambetta

Vern Gambetta has been called a "Fitness Pioneer", "The Godfather of Sports Conditioning", and the "Trainer’s Trainer". He’s trained many amateur and professional teams, including the Chicago White Sox, Chicago Bulls, The Cincinnati Reds, The San Jose Sharks and the US Men’s World Cup Soccer Team. He's considered the Founding Father of Functional Sports Training—also known as Functional Fitness.
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