Outdoor Trainer

Outdoor Trainer

Tree Branch Curl

Here's a fun abdominal exercise you can do with a monkey bar or a tree limb.
Props:  Tree limb, monkey bar

Signature Moves - Full-body Press

Get a lot done, in a little time with this full body exercise.
Time is our most valuable commodity. Why just work the upper part of your body, when, with the same amount of time and effort, you can include your lower body as well? Whatever your fitness level, it’s my mission to make sure you get the most out of your time on the trail. This exercise targets your whole body, quickly and effectively.

The Sumo Squat

Think Japanese Sumo Wrestler! 
The sumo-squat is a wider variation of the wide-legged squat—ideal for when you’re moving laterally over the terrain. I really like these squats, because they’re extremely effective for sculpting the inner and outer thighs as well as the hips and glutes. My clients love them because they’re fun to do.

Signature Moves - “Half-tuck” Squat

Want to target that hard-to-reach inner-thigh area? Looking for a great move to strengthen your knee joint? I developed this exercise for just that purpose—and found that it also really toned my inner and outer thighs.

I call this a “half-tuck” because you are isolating one leg at a time, in a tuck position. This exercise is perfect for doing beside the short hillside or slope that typically lines the sides of a single-track trail, a fire road, or a paved path through a park. It also works great along a curb or parking block.

Amp-up Your Cardio with Steps and Stairs

Use steps & stairs for cardio conditioning and fat burning
Outdoor steps and stairs are excellent props for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, leg strengthening and toning, as well as proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness training. You can create a variety of workouts using steps and stairs - the opportunities are endless! You might also consider incorporating hand weights to intensify leg and gluteal work.

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