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Author of the three #1 Best Sellers, The Perricone Promise, and The Perricone Prescription, and The Wrinkle Cure.
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Sugar and Your System - Get off the Fat Track

Your body has two primary fuel sources:  fat and sugar, also called glycogen. Carbohydrates--all carbohydrates--turn into sugar in your body. This sugar becomes the fuel source glucose and then glycogen.
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Health Law Requires Labeling of Fast Food

Back in 2008 the New York City Board of Health approved a version of law that required fast-food outlets to display calorie counts on their menus. The hope is that if consumers know that a Whopper has 670 calories and a caramel Frappucino has 380, they might seek healthier options.
The question is - has it been a good idea? Have fast-food consumers in New York City made the shift toward ordering healthier, less calorically dense food?
It seems to be working

Stop Mindless Eating For Good

Are you a Mindless Eater? Do you eat more than your think you do? Do you know your Dietary Danger Zone?

Body Composition Tip 9 - Eat These Power Foods

Food is meant to energize, heal, and build the body, and most of all, food should be enjoyed! The best diet is one based on fresh, mostly seasonal and organic food. Learn to crave color—red tomatoes, yellow peppers, deep green lettuces, and whatever can be found at the farmer’s market or in the local produce aisle. There is also an excitement about eating food so fresh—it has life inside!

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