Injury Prevention

Injury Prevention

Why Stretch?

Stretching is a vital part of  your warm-up and  cool-down during a workout session. In the warm-up, it enhances performance and prevents injury. In the cool-down, it lengthens tight muscles, increases circulation, prevents injury, and removes waste from your system.

Here are a few simple tips to remember about stretching:

Save Your Joints - Get to Know Ground Reaction Force

Trainer Question:  I am a trainer in Florida and I run my program in a school yard.  Some of my heavier clients complain of knee pain.  Do you think that the black top is contributing to higher impact?
Answer:  It certainly could, Shane. Especially if you have your clients doing moderate-to-high impact moves like jogging or plyometric exercises.

How Clean is the Air You're Breathing?

Air Quality and Exercise

Particulate Matter and Air Quality
Particulate matter is a broad term used to describe solid particles sometimes found in the air. These particles are coarse in nature and some can even be seen with the naked eye, like dust particles or soot. The particles may come from cars and trucks that stir up dust on the road, factory emissions and windblown dirt on trails. This form of pollution may impair respiratory function and decrease lung function, especially with exercise.

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