Health/Well Being

Health/Well Being

Your Scale May Be Lying to You

It’s not that your trusty bathroom scale is malicious…more along the lines of deceptive.  What do I mean by this?  Well, weight is defined as “the vertical force exerted by a mass as a result of gravity.”  So while your bathroom scale is accurate in terms of measuring the effects of gravity on you, it’s not telling you the whole story.  What it doesn’t tell you is exactly what mother earth is pulling on with her said gravitational force.  Enter the concept of body composition – the ratio of lean bod

The Best Exercise Program

“The very best exercise program is one that stimulates the body, the mind and the emotions.”    —Tina Vindum

Current State of the Industry
Today I find myself at a very large fitness conference in Los Angeles. I am here to take a look around for a couple of days and find out what is new and interesting within the industry. So far, I don't see a great deal of change. Apart from a few new machines (one-armed rowing), mini trampolines, stretching devices, and braided resistance tubing, things still seem status-quo. Zzzzz.....boring!

The Secret to Lifelong Weightloss - Downloadable Podcast

Looking for a smart and practical way to finally lose weight and keep it off for life?  Listen to Tina's interview with "The Portion Teller"

Meet Dr. Lisa Young, nutritionist and New York University Professor featured in the movie Supersize Me and the author of the #1 Bestseller, The Portion Teller.

The Fix for Neck Pain

If I had a nickel for everyone I see with neck pain, I’d be buying the Warriors myself. It’s way too common and very misunderstood. We blame sitting at our computers, carrying our kids, riding our bikes, and basically everything other than the real culprit:  Our posture.

Tap into the Power of Healthy Eating! - Downloadable Podcast

Confused about the foods you should eat - organic vs. non-organic, sports drinks vs. water, "light" foods vs. regular foods?  If so, you're not alone.
What's the best way to eat for health and fitness?
Find out when you listen to Tina's interview with one of the nation's foremost experts on nutrition, weight loss and preventative medicine, Dr. David Katz. You'll learn simple ways to increase your energy and health, and decrease chances of disease and illness.

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