Health/Well Being

Health/Well Being

Happiness - How to Experience it Every Day

Learn how your thoughts and actions can lead to greater happiness in your daily life and beyond.
Happiness!  What makes you happy?  Did you know there is evolving research taking place in an area known as Positive Psychology? Turns out we all have much greater control of our happiness then previously thought!

Fungus Among Us

One of the benefits (among many!) of working out in the great outdoors is not being exposed to gym locker rooms where fungal infections can easily be contracted.  That said, there are still some pertinent points for the outdoor athlete to be aware of concerning the prevention of  toenail fungus.

To Lose Fat Get Your ZZzz"s

Most of my patients are not surprised to hear how beneficial getting enough sleep is for their overall health, but many who are trying to lose weight are surprised to learn what an important impact it has on their weight.  Most weight-loss diets and exercise plans won’t work well if you’re sleep deprived according to sleep specialist and clinical psychologist Michael Breus, who was interviewed for a recent article on mind-body health in Success magazine.

Spring Clean Your Diet - 5 Rules to Eat By

Eating well is simple. It all begins with quality food.
Click the icon to download and print the"Good Food"list.
Rule #1 - Make a List & Keep it Simple

National Trail Running Day - August 21st

Happy Trails – Why trail is better for you and your body
If you're a road runner it's time to take it to the trails in honor National Trail Running Day. Why? Because I think you'll get hooked on what you'll find - it's not really about the physical act of running, rather the entire experience for both body and mind.

Think of trail running as road running enhanced.  When you get off the pavement and onto the trails your joints not only get a break, your mind does, too. How? By simply connecting to your surroundings through your senses.

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