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Health/Well Being

Turn Up the Heat on Your Cold Weather Workouts

My hope is that the cold weather is NOT putting a damper on your healthy workout routine. I have a saying, "There is no inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing." While this may be a stretch in a lightning storm, for the most part it is true. Another thing that my clients and I have discovered is that it is NEVER as bad as it may seem. Once you're warmed up, you'll forget it's raining, and with the right clothes (and attitude, you'll be warm).

Nature—The Ultimate Stress Reducer

Here is a simple exercise that can ease your stress in a matter of minutes.
To begin, take a moment to think about peace and tranquility. Really sit back and allow yourself to think and feel serenity and calm.
What kinds of mental images come to mind?  A newspaper, TV, Traffic? Highly unlikely! For most people it is the images that are found only in nature, such as, a mountain meadow or the crashing surf. Nature soothes the mind and calms the senses. Mother Nature has been nurturing us through our evolutionary process and helps us maintain our psychological, physical and emotional health.

Does Belly Fat Come From Stress?

The talk surrounding stress and belly fat is a very popular theory these days. Why? Because so many of us are over-fat and over-stressed!
However, the stress/belly fat connection comes from research showing that increased levels of the hormone cortisol are associated with higher levels of deep abdominal fat.
What is Cortisol?

Body Composition—Why You Ought to Ditch the Scale

A healthy weight is not always reflected by the bathroom scale. Knowing your body composition ratio of fat-to-lean body mass is a much more accurate and objective measure of your health and fitness.

Body weight is deceptive and unreliable because as we all know our body weight can change by a lot day-to-day, hour-by-hour, simply from the foods we eat. For example, a salty meal can leave you bloated and unable to button your favorite jeans, and a night of unhealthy foods can leave you constipated.

Winter Fitness - How to Adapt to the Elements

Don't let the cold weather dampen your fitness program.  Here are simple tips to keep you on-track all winter long.
Here at we have a saying - "There's no such thing as inappropriate weather, only inappropriate clothing." That's to say, if you dress right for the conditions, you should be just fine. Since 1995, I've only had to cancel classes twice due to weather - once due to high winds (and flying branches) and the other due to lightning.
Here are a few tips I wrote for the Athleta Chi Blog - designed to keep you warm and moving!

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