Goal Setting

5 Tips for FUN and Effective Workouts

Not feeling motivated? Has exercise become mundane? Are there days when you've lost your mojo?  If you've answered yes to any of these questions, don't fret, just adopt a few simple tips to make your workouts fun and effective!

3 Steps to Make Your Workouts Easier and More Effective

With the warm weather fast approaching, it may be time to get back on the path and shed that winter coat. This past week I've had a few friends and acquaintances say to me, "Tina, I really wish I lived near you, because I need your influence to get in shape." My response is always the same - You don't need me, all you need is the right frame of mind to get started and build momentum.

The real key to getting on track and staying on track is focused attention. The ability to train your mind, as well as your emotions, on a specific outcome. What works best? It may surprise you that it's not getting into that bikini. No, studies show that for long-term results, we need to focus on how attaining a certain goal will make us feel.  

Body Composition—Why You Ought to Ditch the Scale

A healthy weight is not always reflected by the bathroom scale. Knowing your body composition ratio of fat-to-lean body mass is a much more accurate and objective measure of your health and fitness.

Body weight is deceptive and unreliable because as we all know our body weight can change by a lot day-to-day, hour-by-hour, simply from the foods we eat. For example, a salty meal can leave you bloated and unable to button your favorite jeans, and a night of unhealthy foods can leave you constipated.

Body Composition Tip 2 - Keep Track of Your Goals and Progress

Strategies for Goal Setting
Outdoor Fitness is not just about a firmer butt and better biceps; it’s about health, fitness and well-being, and creating a better lifestyle—a life with style!  However, it takes more than just fat loss and firm muscles. For a happier, healthier, well-balanced life, it’s important to create goals in all areas of our life. So take a moment to explore what your goals in life really are, then decide to follow through.
Get Specific

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