Single-Leg Dip

An excellent exercise for building proprioception and balance. It also does a great job at strengthening the ankle, knee, and hip joints.
Works: Hamstrings, Quadriceps, Glutes, Joint Stability, Proprioception, Balance
Props: Flat Ground

Stroller Workout: Exercise with Your Baby

Baby in a Stroller:  Small steps lead to BIG changes
Unfortunately, studies show that fitness and motherhood do not go hand-in-hand—finding time to exercise is the challenge most new parents face. Studies also show that exercising with a baby stroller is an effective way to get exercise and lose the baby fat.
Burn More Calories!
Pushing a stroller burns more 18-20 percent more calories than walking alone. On average, you’ll burn about 100 calories for every mile, and you’ll help reduce carbon dioxide in the environment.

The Fix for Neck Pain

If I had a nickel for everyone I see with neck pain, I’d be buying the Warriors myself. It’s way too common and very misunderstood. We blame sitting at our computers, carrying our kids, riding our bikes, and basically everything other than the real culprit:  Our posture.

Martha Stewart's Pick for Summer Fitness? Tina Vindum's Outdoor Fitness!

Tina Vindum's Outdoor Fitness featured in Martha Stewart's Whole Living
On Newsstands Now!
Martha Stewart's Whole Living is currently featuring 6-pages of exercises and fitness tips from Tina Vindum's book and Outdoor Fitness program! Below, you'll find tips and exercise ideas from the article.

Exercises to Alleviate Knee Pain

The "dysfunctional" knee - and how to fix it.
The term dysfunction refers to misalignment of the knee, foot, pelvis and even the shoulders. The pain in your knee is the body’s message that this dysfunction is present and you need to fix it.

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