Posture Perfect

When was the last time your mother told you to stand up straight? I heard it constantly, not from my mother, but from my Grandfather who threatened to tie my shoulders back to keep them from slouching. At 12 years old I couldn’t imagine why it mattered. 22 years later, I think I finally understand.
Slouching shoulders can produce all kinds of pain, but the most common symptoms are torn rotator cuffs, neck pain, migraines, a variety of hand and wrist ailments, and the one symptom 75% of all Americans can relate to- back pain.

Base Move - Triceps Dip

This exercise does an excellent job shaping your shoulders and your arms.
Works: Deltoids, Triceps
Props: Bench, log, stump, high step, concrete block

Tree Branch Curl

Here's a fun abdominal exercise you can do with a monkey bar or a tree limb.
Props:  Tree limb, monkey bar

Base Move - Reverse Pull up

A pull up is tough, but reversing it so the lowering part is the resistance phase makes it easier and will strengthen your muscles just as effectively.
Works: Upper back, Lats, Deltoids, Biceps
Props:  Low gate, monkey bar, or tree limb

Playground Workout - Take Your Kids and Workout

When it comes to parks and playgrounds, kids shouldn’t have all the fun—these areas are ideal locations to get a little Outdoor Fitness in. 
What’s great for kids is also great for mom and dad—fresh air, sunshine, grass, combined with a little monkeying around is a great way for parents and kids to burn off some steam and get energized.
What’s more, when your kids see you having fun with exercise, they’ll learn through osmosis that exercise is fun, especially outdoors.

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