The "TVA Abdominal Flattener"

Outdoor Fitness clients swear by this exercise. TVA stands for the main muscle you are targeting: the transverse abdominus. The beauty of this abdominal muscle is it lies deep within the core muscles. It’s a “stability” muscle, which if it’s trained efficiently, can and will flatten that dreaded “pooch” that happens after pregnancy or through the aging process. Gravity and the process of living cause our innards to droop outward—thus, the pooch. But this is not your destiny. You can tighten the muscles just like a natural girdle, to pull everything back in, for a tight, flat abdominal wall—FLAT from the pelvis to the ribs!

Slashing your Stress Level in the Great Outdoors

As a culture, we are used to accepting stress as part of life. What we don’t often recognize are the physical effects of allowing stress to accompany us throughout our days. Your entire (BodyMind) system is directly affected by the physical, mental and emotional stresses of your daily life.

The Basic Squat

The Exercise That Tones and Strengthens Legs and Glutes  (Video Included)

 Starting position
From the basic Athletic Stance, position your feet shoulder-width apart with toes angling outward from the heels.
1.    Align your body - hips and shoulders square, with your body weight distributed evenly between both feet.
2.    Inhale as you bend your knees and press your tailbone back as far as you can (without collapsing at the waist), keeping your knees aligned over your ankles to mid-foot.
3.    Lower your hips so your knees form a 90° angle (45° for beginners).

Flexibility Basics - Lube Your Joints!

Go Slow to Go Fast!
When it comes to warm ups I always say, “Go slow, to go fast!”  That means take time before each exercise session with a "pre" warm up. You'll find you will perform better - smoother, faster, stronger.

Lube your Joints!  Every joint in your body is "lined by a thin layer of cells called synovium, which secretes what’s called, “synovial fluid." This fluid nourishes the cartilage, lubricates the joint, and keeps the joint stable. When you move your joints through their range of motion, synovial fluid is pumped into the joint. Think, “Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz.”  (See Video Below)

Improve Your Balance with One Simple Move

Rock’n-Balance     (SEE VIDEO BELOW)
With people suffering over 300,000 broken hips every year in the U.S. alone, balance is one of the most overlooked components of fitness.
I came up with this exercise one fall day when I was training for ski season. I was bounding up a dry riverbed when I spotted a very pointy rock. I challenged myself to stand on the point for as long as I could. Later I added “foot scribing” exercises, such as spelling my name in huge loopy letters, and trying to balance with my eyes closed. 

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