Slashing your Stress Level in the Great Outdoors

As a culture, we are used to accepting stress as part of life. What we don’t often recognize are the physical effects of allowing stress to accompany us throughout our days. Your entire (BodyMind) system is directly affected by the physical, mental and emotional stresses of your daily life.

Rewire for Success with the Outdoor Athlete's Best Kept Secret

Every year about this time I find I am out of balance both physically and mentally.  What happens during the month of August is that I get off of my normal, balanced fitness routine and opt for a linear "loose" routine, one that is mostly made up of walking and running.  Afterall, this is vacation time!

Winter Workouts - Burn 32% More FAT!

It’s too cold where I live for Outdoor Fitness!  How can I still do one of your workouts?

 Alright, so the weather outside may be changing from warm to cold, but, don’t let that interfere with your outdoor fitness routine. Your body is remarkably adaptive to hot and cold weather. 

In general it takes 7-14 days to acclimate to temperature changes.  The best way to adapt is to simply continue with your routine season to season.  The right clothing and the right attitude will keep you on the program throughout the year.

Here’s some inspiration for you--

How Clean is the Air You're Breathing?

Air Quality and Exercise

Particulate Matter and Air Quality
Particulate matter is a broad term used to describe solid particles sometimes found in the air. These particles are coarse in nature and some can even be seen with the naked eye, like dust particles or soot. The particles may come from cars and trucks that stir up dust on the road, factory emissions and windblown dirt on trails. This form of pollution may impair respiratory function and decrease lung function, especially with exercise.

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