How to Transition More of Your Workouts into Nature

Do you want to workout outdoors more often and with more efficiency? Or maybe just a little inspiration to get outside? Check out the Green Living interview with Tina Vindum.

Get Outdoors!

Hey, is that you sweating up a storm on the treadmill? That’s fine if you just want to keep the pounds off and maintain an average level of fitness, but if you want to get truly fit and kick butt at your favorite sports, you’ll need more. Athletic training, serious athletic training—requires rigorous and disciplined physical and mental preparation.

Fungus Among Us

One of the benefits (among many!) of working out in the great outdoors is not being exposed to gym locker rooms where fungal infections can easily be contracted.  That said, there are still some pertinent points for the outdoor athlete to be aware of concerning the prevention of  toenail fungus.

National Trail Running Day - August 21st

Happy Trails – Why trail is better for you and your body
If you're a road runner it's time to take it to the trails in honor National Trail Running Day. Why? Because I think you'll get hooked on what you'll find - it's not really about the physical act of running, rather the entire experience for both body and mind.

Think of trail running as road running enhanced.  When you get off the pavement and onto the trails your joints not only get a break, your mind does, too. How? By simply connecting to your surroundings through your senses.

The Best Exercise Program

“The very best exercise program is one that stimulates the body, the mind and the emotions.”    —Tina Vindum

Current State of the Industry
Today I find myself at a very large fitness conference in Los Angeles. I am here to take a look around for a couple of days and find out what is new and interesting within the industry. So far, I don't see a great deal of change. Apart from a few new machines (one-armed rowing), mini trampolines, stretching devices, and braided resistance tubing, things still seem status-quo. Zzzzz.....boring!

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