Amp-up Your Cardio with Steps and Stairs

Use steps & stairs for cardio conditioning and fat burning
Outdoor steps and stairs are excellent props for aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, leg strengthening and toning, as well as proprioceptive and kinesthetic awareness training. You can create a variety of workouts using steps and stairs - the opportunities are endless! You might also consider incorporating hand weights to intensify leg and gluteal work.

Can Too Much Cardio Make You Fat?

Exercise is good for us, but too much can be harmful.  Did you know that too much cardio can actually increase stress and the levels cortisol (the stress hormone) in your body?  It's true. 
Learn the single, most important thing you can do to avoid the wrong types of exercise and keep your cortisol levels under control.

The Five Best Ways to Boost Your Cardio

Want to incinerate fat and calories? Mix it up!
Keep your mind entertained and your body guessing by adding variety to your cardiovascular routine. Here are our top 5 cardio workouts.

Cardio for Weight Loss - Fact vs. Fiction

A new client told me today that she wants to only do aerobics because she wants to get toned and lose weight, FAST!  I hear this SO often, and ladies, it’s a MYTH!

Myth: Aerobics, like running is best if I want to get a tight, shapely body and lose weight.
Fact: To lose fat and change the shape of your body, you must do resistance training.

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