Fat Burning Begins with a Warm-up

A proper Warm Up is perhaps the most important part of your workout!
Every workout should begin with a 5-10 minute warm up.  A warm-up is your time to limber up your body—and your mind—in preparation for the workout to come. A warm up can be a simple as a walk or a jog. My outdoor warm-ups combine breathing and posture exercises with joint lubrication exercises, followed by an environmental integration exercise I call “high toes”. If space is limited, you can always do a  “One Spot Warm Up” with exercises that are perfect for situations where you aren’t including a walk to your workout site as part of your warm up.

High-Intensity Fat-Blaster Workouts

Maybe you’ve hit a plateau in your weight-loss program, or you’re trying to slim down fast for a special occasion - or maybe you ate a little more than you planned to last night. Maybe you’d just like to blow off a little steam. This type of workout for you!

National Trail Running Day - August 21st

Happy Trails – Why trail is better for you and your body
If you're a road runner it's time to take it to the trails in honor National Trail Running Day. Why? Because I think you'll get hooked on what you'll find - it's not really about the physical act of running, rather the entire experience for both body and mind.

Think of trail running as road running enhanced.  When you get off the pavement and onto the trails your joints not only get a break, your mind does, too. How? By simply connecting to your surroundings through your senses.

Signature Exercise - The Full Body Lunge

Build on a Classic with these fun and effective lunges.

This classic leg strengthener works best outdoors because of the changing degrees of incline in the terrain, as well as the subtleties on the surface. Grass, gravel, dirt, sand, leaves, twigs and the like, cause you to “finesse through your feet,” developing underfoot sensitivity and enhancing balance and proprioceptive awareness.


Base Move - The Step-up

The Step-up works great as a warm up move, a cardio interval, or for muscular toning.
The Equipment
All you need is a low bench, a step, curb or burm.
The Exercise

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