My Kickass Workout Weapon of Choice

I just got back to my desk after slipping out for an hour of fun, adventurous butt-kicking (my own). Whenever I have had a little too much fun or strayed away from my healthy lifestyle, I don't fret about it, I take care of it right away (really, I do!). So this morning, after a weekend of catching up with girlfriends, eating and drinking a tad too much, I head for the hills – Nordic Walking Poles in hand.

Nordic skiers are among the fittest athletes on the planet and walking poles are a cross training tool used by competitive Nordic skiers to stay in shape in the off-season. Here are some workout ideas for you...

A SIMPLE Recipe to Blast Fat Fast!

Running or walking, intervals are a time efficient way to get lean!
Interval training is alternating periods of hard work with low-intensity recoveries. This type of training can help push you off a plateau—boosting aerobic fitness and burning a load of calories.
The Plan
Run with it. To blast your body into shedding fat, do this interval workout once or twice a week. Not a runner? See recommendations below.

Fend off Holiday Weight Gain with a Mix of Cardio

This season fend off Holiday weight gain with some basic cardio. It's actually pretty easy if you follow a few simple tips.
The most important thing to remember is to mix it up! Keep your mind entertained and your body guessing by adding variety to your cardiovascular routine. (Learn more about cardio - Listen to the Podcast)

Here are my top 5 methods for mixing it up:

Improve Your Endurance with 5 Simple Exercises

Imagine what would happen to your running or biking if you were able to get more oxygen with every breath.  You’d go farther, be faster, and last longer, with less effort.  That’s why there have been more than a few pro and recreational athletes who’ve tried to do it less than legally.

Instead of blood doping or using suspicious pills, there are two ways to improve your lung capacity naturally.  The first is by improving the position of your mid and upper back, and the second, is by restoring the full function of your diaphragm.

Heal Thyself - New Study Finds Exercise Can Fight the Common Cold

We all know working out regularly keeps your body fit, but did you know it could also help you dodge the common cold?

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